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Dark Eyes, Lady Blue: Maria of Agreda in the Southwest

Biography: Maria of Agreda: Mystical Lady in Blu

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  about the original painting on the cover of Dark Eyes, Lady Blue: Maria of Agreda . . .  

The story behind the cover painting is almost as mystical as the Lady in Blue herself!

And how fitting that this fresh new approach to the history of Sor Maria has a contemporary image painted completely independently by an inspired international artist. How did that happen? Read on --

Brenda Lambert works from her studio in Devon in the United Kingdom. While traveling in Greece some years ago, she was inspired by the uniquely beautiful blue sea along the coast of Crete. When she returned to her studio, she was compelled to capture the blue of the Aegean Sea on canvas. Her intent was a free-form shape, but what evolved was not! As though inspired by an unseen hand, she dipped strips of shredded muslin in striking shades of blue paint, and added them to the canvas, layer upon layer. What emerged as she worked through the night -- despite the fact that she rarely if ever painted portraits --  is an image she felt certain was a prayerful holy woman, a “Blue Nun” or “Lady in Blue”. 

Soon, her internet searches revealed a surprising identity. Convinced that her painting represented Maria of Agreda, she tracked me down in Michigan in 2009, almost at the same time that my first book about Sor Maria was about to be released. As a result, a numbered print of this painting hangs in a place of honor in my study, and that same image now graces the cover of my latest book-length offering on the Lady in Blue.

This is but one of the many marvelously mystical happenings -- albeit a spectacular one -- that seem to surround the Lady in Blue.

     Stay tuned, there's always more!

          Marilyn H. Fedewa

Please direct email to: M dot Agreda @ Comcast dot Net , and be sure to include the word "Agreda" somewhere in the subject line, so your message doesn't get accidentally blocked by our Spam Control program!

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