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WJIM Interviewing Emil Lockwood In MAN IN MOTION
Michigan's Legendary Senate Majority Leader, Emil Lockwood
by Stan Fedewa and Marilyn Fedewa

William Kulsea, Booth Newspapers
Grand Rapids Press: February 22, 1971

"Lockwood mesmerized both Republicans and Democrats with his parliamentary tricks during his six years as senate [GOP] leader."

Bob Longstaff, Booth Newspapers, Kalamazoo Gazette: December 31, 1978
"[Emil] has an uncanny sense of how to influence a lawmaker on a particular issue. . . . He knows when to show up at an informal gathering of legislators and when to leave. He knows when to give his pitch, earnestly and with as much honesty as possible, and he knows when to be quiet. . . . Lawmakers, bureaucrats and lobbyists all say Lockwood knows precisely what is happening at all times, and he usually is able to predict the outcome of a legislative battle. . . . He is witty and wily but has the knack for seeming to be just one of the guys."

Jerry Moskel, Lansing State Journal: December 9, 1976
"[Emil] still towers above most people. His square jaw, crew cut hair and voice that bellows from deep inside his chest, keep him a commanding figure in Capitol circles. . . . The 57-year old former Republican leader of the Senate generally is regarded as the most influential and successful lobbyist of the 290 lobbyists regisgered with the state."

UPI, February 16, 1971
"[Emil] was considered to be one of the most skillful vote producers ever to serve [in the legislature]."

William Kulsea, Booth Newspapers, Grand Rapids Press: September 14, 1972
"Lockwood is the envy of all the more than 230 lobbyists operating at the statehouse."
"Lockwood [was] a superb legislative mechanic during his years in the state senate."

Associated Press, [no by-line] ), in Detroit News: November 30, 1975
"Lansing's top lobbyist is generally considered to be Emil Lockwood."

Hugh McDiarmid, Detroit Free Press: January 23, 1977
[Referring to fellow successful lobbyist competitor Jimmy Karoub and Emil Lockwood]: "These guys are good. The best. . . . They are at the top of a growing heap of ex-legislators sho roam this town getting things done or undone. . . ."


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