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To MAN IN MOTION:Michigan's Legendary Senate Majority Leader, Emil Lockwood
by Stan Fedewa and Marilyn Fedewa

Public Affairs Associates, co-founded by Emil Lockwood and Jerry Coomes in 1971, became the first multi-client, corporate-model, bipartisan lobbying firm in Michigan. It continues to provide cutting edge services as one of the foremost lobbying firms in the state.

The Michigan Senate served as the arena in which Emil developed his extraordinary leadership skills in the 1960s. In August 2002 the Senate memorialized its regard for him in Resolution 247, citing his landmark contributions.

Inside Michigan Politics ' editor, Bill Ballenger, reviewed MAN IN MOTION, commenting, "Hats off to the authors . . . they provide a lot of insight into legislative leadership that I don't think anybody would otherwise ever really know about, or see or understand." Ballenger is considered one of the state's top political commentators, appearing regularly on television and radio. He has been dubbed "Michigan's Crown Prince of Punditry" by Detroit News Lansing Bureau Chief, Charlie Cain.

Michigan Lobbyist Magazine highlighted MAN IN MOTION in its May 2003 flagship issue, citing the authors' "exclusive access to Lockwood's trunks of political and personal papers." Another feature in the first issue was authored by Public Affairs Associates' co-founder, Francis "Jerry" Coomes, with a Fall 2001 photo of Emil Lockwood and Jerry Coomes.

Michigan Political History Society members voted Emil Lockwood the second all-time revered Senator in Michigan's history. The Society hosted a book talk and signing with co-authors Stan and Marilyn Fedewa at the MPHS June 2003 meeting in Lansing, Michigan's Capitol City.

St. Louis, Michigan , Emil's senatorial district homebase, will honor Emil in a magazine celebrating the citys 150th anniversary. MAN IN MOTION will be available for purchase at Sesquicentennial events, scheduled for July 17-20, 2003.

Duck Key, Florida played a prominent role in Emil's 'semi-retirement.' There, he morphed into a GOP mentor-at-large, coaching young up-and-comers, championing a new security tax district for the property owners' association, and enthusiastically rallying with the community socially and civicly. In a special online Memorial Duck Key honored Emil as a revered elder statesman, but it doesn't look as though they maintained their website.

Ottawa, Illinois , Emil's birthplace and all-around life-shaper, hosted the first Lincoln-Douglas debate on slavery, and is the site of the founding on American soil of the Boy Scouts of America. Read The Ottawa Daily Times recent coverage of Man in Motion.

LSTs will interest history buffs, too. Take a ship's tour of the Landing Ship Tanks aboard which Emil served during WW II in the Pacific Theater, dodging kamikaze attacks and deep sea explosives.


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