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Legislators Basil Brown (D), Raymond Dzendzel (D), Emil (R), Tom Schweigert (R) celebrate a bipartisan birthday In MAN IN MOTION
Michigan's Legendary Senate Majority Leader, Emil Lockwood
by Stan Fedewa and Marilyn Fedewa

Guy Vander Jagt, U. S. GOP Congressman 1966-93
"What Lyndon Johnson was to the U.S. Senate, Emil Lockwood was to the Michigan Senate - the very best there ever was." August 14, 2002.

George S. Fitzgerald, State Senator (D- First District)
"Even though you belong to the wrong 'Party' I have decided to overlook it because that is the only fault I have been able to find with you since 1965." (Written to Emil for 1970 Testimonial Dinner)

Robert Vander Laan, Former GOP Senate Majority Leader (1971-82)
"Emil was a friend of the lobbyist[s] and still voted against them. He was a Republican but was not against supporting Democratic issues if he thought they were right. He represented the Governor in the Senate as Majority Leader, but opposed him if he thought the Governor was on the wrong side of an issue. That defined Emil as a legislator." August 14, 2002.

Sen. Coleman A. Young (D-Detroit, and later Mayor of Detroit)
"In the rough and tumble of Senate politics, I have always found you to be 'hard but fair.' Perhaps I can offer no higher praise than to say that within the relatively narrow and myopic confines of our political spectrum, I have always found your word to be your bond." (Written to Emil for 1970 Testimonial Dinner)

Stanley Novak, State Senator (D-9th District)
"There have been times when I could not decide whether you were a Republican or a Democrat. [Yet] . . . I could always come to you for assistance and get it." (Written to Emil for 1970 Testimonial Dinner)

Raymond D. Dzendzel, State Senator (D-7th District), Assistant Minority Leader
"Even though we are representatives of opposite political parties, we've shared a genuine friendship, nurtured by a mutual desire to serve the best interest of the people of Michigan. Please remember I am, and always will be, your friend." (Written to Emil for 1970 Testimonial Dinner)

L. Harvey Lodge, State Senator (R-17th District)
"It isn't easy to write a letter to a great friend who is an enigma, possessing the great qualities of infinite agreeableness, coupled with exasperating tendencies. . . . You possess that innate charm of the master salesman and a trigger-like mind that may change mountains to molehills. You are always ready to do kindness or help someone who is in need of assistance but you can be a most provocative individual showing quarter to no one in the intense battle, being charitable in victory and rising again from the ashes of defeat." (Written to Emil for 1970 Testimonial Dinner)


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