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Emil (left) with Rep. Nowotny (AK)in support of Gov.George Romney for GOP presidential nomination at 1968 GOP convention In MAN IN MOTION
Michigan's Legendary Senate Majority Leader, Emil Lockwood
by Stan Fedewa and Marilyn Fedewa

John Engler: Governor of Michigan, 1991-2002
"I am indebted to him because he set the standard for what a good Senate majority leader should be. . . . Emil won the respect of . . . both parties. He will be remembered as one of the finest in Michigans political pantheon."

George Romney: Governor of Michigan, 1963-1969
"As Governor I was fortunate and the people of Michigan were fortunate to have a Senate leader of your talents and capacity. You were outstanding in getting results [and] you have earned the respect of your associates in the legislative and executive branches and the appreciation of constituents, your party and your state.
[Praising Lockwood's shepherding the first fiscal reform measure in decades through the Senate]: It was the most skillful leadership job I've seen in five years in the Capitol."

William Milliken: Governor of Michigan, 1969-1983
"Emil Lockwood has consistently stood up on open housing, court reorganization, taxes, and many other issues. . . . [He] has my greatest admiration for the way he has conducted himself both in the caucus and in this year's legislative session."


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