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Gerald Ford, Emil and Anna In MAN IN MOTION
Michigan's Legendary Senate Majority Leader, Emil Lockwood
by Stan Fedewa and Marilyn Fedewa

Anna Lockwood, Spouse
"Emil rarely let philosophy get in the way. He never held grudges, either, when people didn't go along with him."

Dick Whitmer, CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
"Emil Lockwood was not a wallflower, but underneath his commanding personality he was a little shy and very humble. . . . He had a magical quality about him, and was given many gifts - a brilliant mind, a marvelous sense of humor, and a healthy irreverence for worldly things."

Eric Lockwood, Son
"When I think of my Dad," Eric Lockwood said, "I always see his smile."

Franny Showerman, Stepdaughter
"Emil appreciated [my Mom's] sense of humor, too, and told everybody how for her 60th birthday she had registered at both Tiffany's and K-Mart."

Guy Vander Jagt, U. S. Congressman 1966-1993
"Except when we were playing pitch or backgammon or tennis, when Emil was trying to extract every dollar he could from my thrifty Dutch wallet, [he] was always reaching out to give, to help and to lift me up - just as he did to so many."


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