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Lockwood on phone under his Senate Majority Leader portrait in Michigan Senate conference room In MAN IN MOTION
Michigan's Legendary Senate Majority Leader,
Emil Lockwood,
by Stan Fedewa and Marilyn Fedewa

On Legislative Salaries in the 60s
"My sheep were worth more than I earned from being a Senator the first few years."

On Partisan Rivalry
"You can't assemble an army if you shoot them all first."

On Truth in Action
"Don't do anything in this town (Lansing) that you don't want to talk to a grand jury about."

On Successful Lobbying Techniques
"Never ask a legislator to do anything that's not in his self-interest."

On Walter Reuther
"As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that scared Walter Reuther was hell itself."

On Elections and Tension
"If you're nervous about something, your days are numbered. But there's nothing you can't accomplish with a great attitude."


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