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Emil, outside his high school, Ottawa, Illinois . . . the buzzzz on the Lockwood book . . .

The Detroit News  by George Weeks
". . . more than a biography . . . highly readable manual on do's and don'ts of legislative leadership . . . fascinating accounts . . . the book provides insights and intriguing nuggets about this influential craft [lobbying] . . . recommended reading for all those many new lawmakers just getting underway . . . ." Read entire text

Inside Michigan Politics  by Bill Ballenger
"What happens when principles collide with reality? Reality wins. . . . Thats what happened when IMP editor Bill Ballenger was asked by the authors of Man in Motion . . . to write the Foreword to their tome . . .(former Gov. John Engler wrote the Preface). . . ." [Ballenger, no fan of term limits, cites Lockwood's brilliant eight-year Senate term, as an excellent example of how legislators' term limits could work.] June 30, 2003

Michigan History Magazine "Books to Read"
"This official biography of Emil Lockwood covers his life and career. His eight years in the Michigan Senate spanned some of the most turbulent times of Michigan's political history because of such issues as major fiscal reform and the social unrest of the 1960s. Man in Motion also takes a look at Lockwood's peers, rivals and friends among Michigan's big names in business and politics." Jan - Feb, 2005

Michigan Lobbyist "Radar Screen"
"Authors Marilyn and Stanley Fedewa began Man in Motion: Michigan's Legendary Senate Majority Leader, Emil Lockwood at the request of their subject and his wife, Anna . . . [with] exclusive access to Lockwood's trunks of political and personal papers . . . and have conducted scores of interviews with family members and friends, journalists and other political leaders . . . ." Premier issue, Spring 2003

Morning Sun (Mt. Pleasant, MI) by Jen Campbell
"A well-respected maverick known for telling it like it is, Emil Lockwood made his place in history, and a recently published biography records his experiences for future generations . . . Lockwood had a tremendous sense of humor which is captured in the biography . . . He lived up to his reputation for telling it like it is . . . ." Read entire text

Ottawa Daily Times (IL) by Tammie Sloup
"Moral convictions, values and virtue were never handicaps for Emil Lockwoodan Ottawa native who climbed the political ladder all the way up to Michigan's Senate Majority leader. . . . The book chronicles Lockwood's boyhood years in Ottawa and follows his WWII kamikaze attacks in the South Pacific before he jumped into the maelstrom of the Michigan Senate . . . ." Read entire text

Michigan Political History Society  Volume 8, No. 2
"This official biography, relying on a treasure trove of Lockwoods personal files, picture albums . . . as well as extensive interviews by the authors, took over a year and a half to research and write. . . Bill Ballenger, who reviewed the manuscript, commented: 'I take my hat off to you . . . . It provides a lot of insight into legislative leadership that I don't think anybody would every really know about . . . if it wasn't for you. . . ." Spring 2003

Order your copy of MAN IN MOTION now through Michigan State University Press or Amazon.Com. I

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